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    opening new ipod
    ok, I was wondering is it really a big deal to everyone opening the ipod and seeing all the packaging, because i cant open mine for another week and its killing me, well i have gone to ipod lounge ,and here, and google, and obviously opening a mac product is like a big deal,( This is my first mac product i have purchased new, not from someone else) Well from what i have read the packaging is amazing and the detail apple puts into there packaging blows people away. I was just wondering does everyone feel this way, cause I think i am starting to feel like that. The box looks great.

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    I agree, Apple does have some pretty awesome packaging.

    Why can't you open your Ipod? :confused:
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    I agree 100% First I got my powerbook, and I still love the box. Then I got my iPod, and the packaging was amazing; however, the f-ing ups screwed my box's all dented and scratched...I almost flipped....but it's still cool.

    yes, I'm confused. why can't you open your iPod for another week? Is it because you have to get over your love of the box?...cause that's pretty crazy...I like the iPod mroe than the I didn't let that stop me from openning it

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    well i am getting ready to go on a spring trip, which I would have brought my ipod, but the ipod being such a hot product now 8 have been stolen from the group of people that i am going with so, i am not going to take the risk.I figure i will bring my little rca lyra, that only holds 10 songs,hahahahahhahahahahhahahahha. + it has a cracked screan so I doubt they will want that.

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    Mac Apple
    dont you just h8 people that feel the need to take other peoples things! GET YOUR OWN YOU THIEVES!

    I had my mobile stolen yesterday, they just took from infront of me on the table, i was well suprised, I chased and lost them. DOH! nevermind the sim and handset were disconnected with half hour so they now have a usless hanset. he he.

    Anyways, My iPod is lying low in my room for a while, till those pesky thieves find something else to hunt down.
    Maybe a feature for future iPods would be a password protect feature?

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    I'm gonna flaunt mine, and hope they try and steal it...and then throw it in the river. I'd rather it die, than have it stolen. Though I'll probably be stabbed either way...

    Man, I just got it...I'm not hidding it...might use different take away from it's appeal....well..I guess we'll see what happens.

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