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    automatically adding artwork from album folders to itunes

    i am in the process of switching from PC to Mac and from J River Media Center to iTunes. all of my album artwork is currently stored in album folders, and i have multiple artwork in some of these folders. i would like some way of automatically adding this artwork to the music in my iTunes library, in such a way that the folder.jpg (which is the main album cover) is recognised as the primary artwork which would be displayed in coverflow, but that all of the artwork in each folder is added to each album/track in iTunes, so that i can browse through the artwork in iTunes. i would rather the artwork isn't embedded in the music files, but stored in a separate folder, either remaining in the album folders or in a dedicated Album Artwork folder. I would also like the artwork to sync with my Ipod Video. Because i have nearly 2,000 album folders, i am looking for some automated way to do this. Any ideas?



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    Hello nick_harambee! Welocme to Mac-Forums!

    I have an old plug-in that I have kept since iTunes 4 or 5 and it works sometimes, sometimes not so am in the process of getting rid of it. I found this on Apple's download section and it might work, it's very recent, just haven't tried it yet, GimmeSomeTune.

    On the same page on the right you see some more plug-ins in the sidebar that might do the trick as well...

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    thanks, but gimmesometune is designed to find album artwork on the net, and i have all of my album artwork already in my album folders. i need some way of pointing itunes to this artwork/importing this artwork into itunes


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