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    iTunes Audiobooks
    Got my first mac about a month ago and simply love the mac experience. I also got a 80GB ipod and wanted to transfer all my audiobooks from my macbook pro (mp3 files) into the "Audiobooks" section of the ipod. When I sync the ipod to itunes it automatically puts all the audiobooks into the music library and not Audiobooks. Is there a setting that i need to change so that the ipod recongnizes the audiobooks for what they are and not music. I changed the genre info for all the audiobooks to "Audiobooks" but it didnt do the trick. Any suggestions?


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    There are other things that need to be done for it to be recognized as an audiobook. You can try this script for itunes.
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    Thanks. Great link. Certainly broadens the possibilities for a better iTunes experience.

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    Hey here is a website where you can get all the question answered. Al the best.

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    Here's a couple of links - one of them is a walk thru using Doug's Apple scripts.
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