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    Uneven Sound Quality Left ear vs Right ear
    Hi Everyone! I've been lurking on this forum & others trying to learn about macs & ipods b4 i got them, which I finally did. I just got a 20G iPod and I managed to get all of my music on it just fine. However, the sound on the ear phones is horrible. The right ear sounds fine, but on the left ear bud I can hear noises & crackling & what I think is the hard drive spinning. I can hear the song on the left ear bud, but it's very low & overpowered by these other noises. Does someone know how I can fix this is or should I just exchange my iPod? Please let me know if you have an idea of why I might be experiencing this. Thanks much in advance!!!

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    Just an update, I just got off of the phone with Apple Care & after doing some troubleshooting they told me that I probably have a defective unit & I should just take it back for a new one. I hope the next one, doesn't have any issues! I really wanted to love my iPod & use it right away!

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    Mine is working fine....I have had my 20 gig for a week. I have almost all my songs on it.....I have a lot of songs on my pc, and don't have the usb adapter I've slowly been burning cd's from my pc, and putting them on my iPod through my mac....

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    Well, I went & exchanged the iPod for another one and what a difference!! My new iPod sounds great in both ears, no crackling noises & no whirring of the hard drive. I can hear it in both ears loud & clear! I'm so happy now

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    good to hear.....and glade to hear it was so easy......I just pray that mine works for a hellla long time..after all that money...

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