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    should I
    you knoww should i go out and buy an ipod i mean everyone has on i am like the only one who does not have one, not that it is bothering me, but i kinda would like one. there pretty cool,but i dont know i am in the procces of getting a powerbook and i dont know if i can get both. i am not paying for it so i dont know? should i go for it? sorry about the sp and grammer i am typing between classes

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    I got one when I couldn't really afford it, and I am happy with it. They are beautiful and amazing peices of work. The box they come in is almost as cool as the iPod itself. It's the best portalbe mp3 player/portable disc drive out there.

    the dell jukebox it ****el, and so is that other one..can't remember what it's called. Try and get them together...I think you'll not regret it.

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    You won't regret getting the iPod! I can't wait to get mine!

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    If you like music and listen to it often I would get it. But do not get it just because other people do and do not leave the person funding your powerbook broke from the iPod too.

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    Maybe you could get a top of the line iBook, cram it with RAM and with the savings get an iPod?
    I'm in your forums, writing sentences in a grammatically acceptable manner.

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