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    New to iPod world
    Well as of 9:45pm, I have a 20 gig iPod coming my way. It was pretty much a spontaneus that I didn't really have the money to spen (had it, but shouldn't have spent it). a total cost was quite more than I intended on spending, and I just got carried has nearly depleted all my should be alright..cause I can work of that fast enough.

    My point in all this the iPod truley worth this much money? I mean...I could get a 40gig firewire drive for around $80, and a $60 mp3 cd player...a total of $140 (plus tax costs). Now I know a lot of it is paying for industrial design..and I'm all about that....but is the iPod itself forth that much money? I hear lots and lots of good things from people...and I guess they've all paid the same amount as I have...and it has never seemed to be an issue..maybe for those people that isn't a lot of money...for me it's almost a fortune....I want one....but I second guess my self too late..and got carried away in the buy....

    any helpful words to ease my pain, or bring me into the light of reality would be much abliaged. thannk you all.

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    Ok, i'll help ease the pain. Look at this link: its the creative zen xtra. looks to be a safe deal for 399 with 60gig, and a nice backlite screen......

    So I'm doing some auto CAD the other day this guy notices my iPod, and says its nice, how much it hold, and the cost....etc...He tells me hes gettin one of these "creative"mp3 players soon. he goes on about him having 80g of music on his comp bla bla bla, pretty much saying that the iPod is too much for what little it holds. So he gets and shows, me......LOL is all i have to say. I put up agains the iPod, i feel like i dont deserve to hold my iPod after touching that brick. ITS HUGE like 2.5 times the size, you can also hear and feel the hard drive moving as its playing, soo who cares its in your pocket, but just shows the cheap quality. the other day my dad drops the iPod onto ceramic tile from 4' up, and not even a dent, a slight scratch and still havent had a problem with it yet. when i was holding this creative p.o.s. the front cover was loose, i felt like if i dropped it a foot off the ground itd just shatter. the buttons are ****, their all stiff and the quick scroller button doesnt compaire to the iPods navi system ( picture of the buttons, more moving parts mean more to break)
    The screen isnt even larger than the iPod, only thing is its blue, which is nice, but the white on the iPod is original and slick looking, not arcade style like the creative. its mp3s only run to 128kbps not 320 like the iPod. 7.9 oz to 6.2 or 5.6(depends on the 20 or 40g). uses usb, dont know if its slower than firewire, but firewire is sure as hell fast.

    well if that doesnt make you feel slightly better than find a friend who has one, cause you'll get a great laugh. Your paying for the qualitly of the iPod, which its touch navi system, nothing else compares, cause they all use button, you all with an iPod dont realize how spoiled you are, after 30 seconds of using the pos i had to put it down and pat my iPod. and he cant even fit it in his pocket!!!! LOL, you probably could if you wear Exco jeans or sumthing. And I'm spent. thats my 0.02 on the creative peice of ****.

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    Well, I've recieved my iPod, and am happy with it. It's a beautiful pilece of machinary. I've transfered almost all my songs on it now. the problem is that my pc doesn't have a firewire port, so I have to buy the adapter to get all the music off my pc. I have burnt a few cd's and tranfered almost everything. I thought that if you were on a network with a computer using iTunes, you could transfer songs as long as you had an iPod?

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