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    Thumbs up Great Apple Service: They Replaced My iPod!
    My 6-week ipod (10GB) started to suffer from horrible battery performence. The deal breaker was that it would turn off then at some later point turn back on. Go figure. Anyway, I took it to the local Apple store where I purchased it, explained the probelms. They replaced it on the spot with a factory refurb. The refurb is pristine. Equal to new. While I didn't like the battery problem, I am very happy with Apple's customer care.

    I'd recomend Apple to anyone who wants an unusual experience: a company that cares about it's customer.

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    hope mine doesn't have that problem, but if it does, I hope it is handled as well as yours.

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    My new 15 gig iPod died about a month after I got it. The file system corrupted and it quit responding. I took it into the "Genius Bar" and the guy ran a restore on it. This worked for about a day before it died again. I took it back and they gave me a brand new 15 gig iPod! My old one was REALLY scratched up, but they didn't care. Without a second thought, they handed me a brand new one...and it has worked perfectly ever since. Needless to say, I bought a permanent skin/case for the new one. It doesn't have a single scratch or even fingerprint on it.

    So far I'm very impressed with Apple's service.

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