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    Tell iTunes to just reflect the the folder structure in the iTunes library
    hello forum,

    I'm kindda new to Mac OS X, iTunes, ... all the stuff that spins around Apple.

    So here is my issue:
    Have the iTunes jukebox, in the preferences I see where the path to it's music storehouse is. Try to copy the music that I have into that folder. The music is already organazed into a folder tree that keeps music arranged as it is supposed to be. Now how I tell iTunes to just add to its database the entire tree withtout to reorganize it at it's will, I mean when I will open the "View/Show Browser" to see the albums grouped exactly as they are stored in folders on the HDD.


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    Can't do it. iTunes reads the id3 tags in the mp3/aac's. they don't care what you name folders and how you group them
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