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    iTunes doesn't like my iPod
    When I plug my iPod (2nd generation 40GB) into my iBook and open up iTunes the whole thing freezes. The multi-coloured wheel appears and it displays the iPod update screen. After some conciderable time a box appears stating that my iPod is being used by a different user. I can't force quit iTunes as it still believes that my iPod is connected.

    I have tried logging out from my username, restarting the iBook, switching the whole thing off, running the batteries down, reloading iTunes, and swearing at it but to no avail.

    The reasons it probably happened are that my girlfriend plug in her Nano on my user name, then unplugged it without ejecting. She also unplugged my iPod without ejecting after this.

    Any suggestions would be apreciated.

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    G'day Hirsty, Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Your girlfriend has a lot to answer for and I definitely wouldn't let her near your Mac or your iPod again.

    Try Apples iPod troubleshooting suggestions here.

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    Thank you.

    Unfortunately, the iPod is okay. It is iTunes that thinks it is still hooked up to the iPod.

    A box now comes up stating along the lines of “The iPod is in use by another user on this computer.”

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    Just thought I'd bring this up front again

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    have u tried restoring your ipod?

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