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    iPod sync question..
    I own an iMac (Intel) and have some movies on it in H.264 codec and they are in iTunes in the movie category with artwork, etc. Everything cool there. A girl friend of mine where I work has a new video iPod with no idea how to get movies onto it. Her PC at home uses Windows. She is willing to let me take it home and try to sync one of my movies to it from the iMac (I don't have an iPod). Before I attempt this (which I obviously have never done), can I intervene before my iMac trys to sync all my music and everything to this iPod? She doesn't care a thing about my music and i don't want all this stuff to automatically sync to her iPod and screw thisg up - wouldn't look good for a Mac owner.

    Please give me some advise on how to proceed. I told her I would only try to sync a couple movies just so she would have something. Thanks for your help.

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    "Question: Can I use an iPod formatted for Mac on a PC, or an iPod formatted for Windows on a Mac?

    Answer: It is not possible to use an iPod formatted for Mac with Windows. This is because Windows does not support the HFS Plus file system and therefore will not see the drive. When you connect an iPod formatted for Mac to your PC, iTunes will prompt you to restore the iPod.

    iTunes will allow you to use an iPod formatted for Windows on a Mac; however, Apple currently only supports using the iPod shuffle in FAT32 format on Mac. "

    bottom line, you cant swap back and forth from pc to mac or mac to pc without doing a restore on the ipod which will erase all the information on the ipod.

    here is the link

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