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    use ipod as a bootable hard disk

    can anybody tell me how i need to prepare my ipod in order to use it as a bootable hard disk with tiger on it (to install)

    through fire-wire cable...

    is fat32 ok, or do i need to make it os extended in disk utility?

    i have been trying at this for a while now and it aint working.


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    Two articles from Apple:
    Quote Originally Posted by Apple iPod FAQ
    Question: Can I start up my computer using iPod?
    Answer: Yes, iPod can be loaded with system software and used as a startup disk for your Mac or to install system software on your Mac. Using iPod to start up your Mac with system software is an unsupported feature. iPod cannot be used to start up a PC.

    Two- Don't use iPod as a startup disk
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    Well, I'm pretty sure that you can just connect at boot with the Tiger install CD in. Then, when it asks you where you want to install OSX just point to your iPod. Note that you will LOSE any data you have on the iPod.

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    Apple may not support this, but it is possible to do. I think the primary reason not to is that the HD in the iPod is really slow, and not designed for the amount of activity involved in using it as a startup volume.

    Still, if you can spare the room, it's not a bad way to carry a portable emergency boot drive with you. Check out Micromat's new Protogo software - it's designed to be installed on a device such as an iPod (it's like their Protege product, only you supply the boot device).

    I'm not sure though how this is better than just carrying a boot DVD/CD with you though, but it's there if you want it.

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