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    Bought used iPod unit, what do i need
    Ok, I just bought a 3rd gen 10gig iPod from my buddy. However, he lost all the accessories while moving, and i mean everything. What do I need to get this thing working?

    I already ordered a dock, the firewire / usb2.0 wire for the dock, and a travel charger. Do I need anything else? Also, what is a good cover for the iPod that doesnt take away from its looks but still protects it. Thanks guys

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    Mac Apple
    sound as if all the accessories you need are on the way. The cover I use is the cover from apple, Its well made and does the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violence
    I also use an iSkin but to be honest I am thinking of ditching it and going back to the Apple slip case. The skin looks good and functions well apart from the fact that you can not use the dock with it on and it picks up dirt and hair like crazy (maybe its only the clear version that does this, I am not sure).

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    marware makes some excellent cases. I got mine from the apple store that allows me to use all the buttons and view the screen while its in the case and it has a screen cover to keep it from getting scratched
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