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    Cannot move files out of music folder

    I spent some time searching the forums before posting this and couldn't find a previous solution to this problem.

    I'm trying to free up some space on my macbook hard drive by moving some music files to an external hd (and then subsequently delete them from my itunes library). The problem is that, when I try to move the files to the external hd, I get a message like this:

    "The item '(item name)' could not be moved because [The music folder] cannot be modified."

    The problem I'm running into is shown here: That page refers to it as "Issue 2". However, apple offers no solution.

    I even tried making a copy of the songs I want to move and then moving them. Even then it says "could not be moved ..."

    Anyone know how to move files found in the music folder onto an external hd without the OS getting in the way?

    Oh and finally, I'd really prefer not to use the "Keep iTunes organized/Consolidate library" fix. My goal is simply to move 5gb out of the 110gb that I have to an external hd, then delete the songs from the itunes library. Also, I'd prefer not to waste 5 cds "backing up" 5gb of tunes just to move them from what is essentially one folder to another.


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    With some help from another post, we solved this problem.

    I believe I figured it out.

    See this pic:

    I can only read from this external HD.

    Any idea on how I can get this bad boy so I can write to it?


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    What is the format of the external drive. Let me guess, NTFS?

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    I should have known that....NTFS only allows read. FAT32 allows Read/Write.

    I've seen it enough times here to have known better....Lol

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