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    Question iPOD jacking my music......
    Does anyone know of a way to reclaim your music from the ipod? Let me clarifiy that question, After you sync your music into the iPOD, how can you take or sync the music off. Here's a couple of cases that you will have / need to do this:

    1. Your computer crashes (yes, I still have a PC) and you want to restore your MP3 files.
    2. You want to share the music with someone else and you have to sync to their PC or MAC.

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    Your 2nd case is the reason that apple has set it up so that you couldn't sync the music off.

    You can do it through 3rd party software on Macs and I am pretty sure on windows if you set your folder options to show hidden files you can get them......but to answer the main question you can't just sync the music off the iPod
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    I answered my own question.

    How to copy songs from iPod to your PC
    An easier way of downloading files from your iPod to your PC instead of typing in the command line in the Windows Explorer bar is to go to My Computer and double-click on the iPod. Then, click on the "Tools" from the top menu, and go to "Folder Options". Click on the "View" tab and then select the option that says "Show hidden files and folders". Click "Accept" and then "Ok". Now a new folder should appear that says "iPod_Control". Click on the "Music" folder and then click on the folders and copy and paste your music to your computer.

    Another way to quickly find a specific song to copy to your PC is this. First, go to the Start menu and then go to "Search" and then go to "Find Files or folders". Click on "All Files and Folders". Then, select the iPod in the "Look In" field. Now, click on the "Advanced Options Arrow" and check the "Search hidden files and folders". Now, type in the artist or song title and then copy and paste the song to your computer.

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