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    Itunes plays 20 seconds of song then skips to next one?
    Can anybody shed some light on this? All my songs play fine on my ipod, but SOME seem to have got corrupted or something on my macbook and play about 20 seconds then skip to the next one? When i imported the song a week ago it worked fine in itunes! Is this an itunes problem or is something wrong with my shiney new macbook? Please help?

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    Same Exact Problem....
    I just imported some songs off of a friends iPod and they play for about 15 to 20 seconds and skips to the next song. Have you fixed this problem? If so please help. Thanks.

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    I used to remember there being an option to play like a intro style playback in itunes, and I was going to blame your problem on that, but I can't seem to find that option in my iTunes' prefs, so maybe I'm mistaken.

    This is somewhat simple, and you possibly have already done it, but did you try deleting the iTunes preferences file?

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    How to fix the skipping songs.
    Basically, the only thing i've found to work is to reformat the songs. Personally I use Audacity (freeware) with lame-3.97 (freeware)... download both on google. extract lame-3.97, install audacity, open the song in audacity, click file, export as MP3, it will pop up asking for "lame_enc.dll" with one of those browser things. Browse over to the exported folder called lame-3.97, and lame_enc.dll will be in there. Double click on that and it will encode it. Drag the file into itunes, and sync onto ipod... worked for me!

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