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Thread: playing ipod movies on tv

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    Dec 25, 2006
    playing ipod movies on tv
    I'm relatively new to the IPOD game and need some help, I've had the new 80 gig Ipod for about a week now and am muddling around trying to get play movies from my Ipod onto the tv. I was sold a standard RCA 3 plug cable, assured it would work... Well, after much frustration, and working out the so called 'trick' I'm only getting a black and white feed through the tv. Fiddled around with all the settings etc Any ideas? Is the apple cable the go?

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    I believe if you use a standard cable you need to flip the red and the yellow cables.

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    Mine works that way, but others claim to have issues.

    Read This for more info.

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    well, i did the obvious thing and bought the iPod cable. It worked perfectly first time. No mucking around, just plugged it in. Couldn't get the generic (but good quality AV cable) to work whatever tricks i tried - best was a dubious quality B&W image. So lesson well learnt. Just go with Apple their stuff just works... possibly a lapse back to my windows days where everything required fiddling around!

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