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    Importing a File
    So I download Beatles Album Revolver... They download to my desktop. They are all .mp3 files. If I go into the info file though the preview section is unavailable and the "More Info" section doesn't detail any of the typical information like album, duration etc.

    So I try File, Add to Library but nothing. I drag all the files into Itunes... Nothing again. Why can't Itunes recognize these files and why can't I add them to my play list ? Bad download or am I missing something?

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    what happens if you just double click on one of them?

    great album, by the way!

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    well if you haven't changed the iTunes default. If you just double click them, they should play in iTunes, and copy over to the iTunes folder. Then all you would have to do is delete the originals off the desktop.

    But make sure to see that iTunes copies them first, it will show you in the upper display(in iTunes) immediately after it opens in iTunes.

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