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Thread: How to convert Win Ipod to Mac?

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    How to convert Win Ipod to Mac?
    So I just switched from a Windows PC to a Powerbook in the last few days and am very happy with the decision thus far. However, my 30-gig Ipod was purchased as a Windows model. What steps need to be taken to convert it to a Mac model? I use ITunes and haven't installed any other software for the Ipod. Should I installe the 2.1 updater software and go from there? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I had been using my iPod with a Windows machine until I switched to Mac a few weeks ago. I didn't have to do anything special to the iPod, just copy my mp3's from the windows machine across to the G5 and then dock. You get the message saying tha the iPod is synced with another machine do you wish to delete all songs and sync with this machine, I just clicked yes and its worked perfectly since.

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    Yea you don't have to do anything to go from Windows to Mac for the iPod. If it was mac formatted it wouldnt work on PC but the PC formatting works both ways
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    I wonder if I could do that with a firewire external hdd since my iBook only has the 30gig hdd.

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