I'm new to mac, so don't flame me. I know there's a section for noobs, but thought thids section was more appropriate.

I currently have a SLVR L7 with Itunes, but I'm looking for a good cell phone I can also use to tether to my Macbook Pro for internet access. I'm considering the LG CU500, which is 3G compatible and has A2DP, but not BT 2.0 (opposite BT problem with Macs)

We can't have it all unfortunately, but what I need to know is can I transfer music from my Itunes library to an mp3 player phone that doesn't have Itunes? Basically everything other than RAZR and SLVR

Thanks for helping a humble noob!

What is the dream combination you ask?
The ideal, but will never come true: Macbook Pro with BT 2.0 as well as A2DP ability, slim flip phone with Itunes (unlimited) MP3 player, Bt 2.0 w/ A2DP and multipoint, 3.2 MP camera and HSDPA/UMTS (I would say WIMAX, but only including existing options)