I've recently added a 2nd disk to my powermac to store my iTunes library on. Since doing so, when ever I import new music from MP3s I find that the file won't playback properly. Each song is full of pops and clicks and sounds terrible, I have the same problem with music downloaded from the iTunes store.

The 2nd disk is Mac OS extended (Journaled). I've tried to check the permissions with the disk utilty but the verify permissions button is greyed out.

The original mp3 files play fine with VLC but iTunes seems to scramble them when importing, when I check the imported file with VLC I get the pops and clicks.

iTunes import is set to 128kbs MP3. The playback enhancements are all turned off. iTunes is also getting stroppy with my podcasts and won't let me seek without returning back to the start of the cast.

Very annoying!!

I'm currently using iTunes 7.0.1 on OSX 10.4.8 but had the same problem with previous versions of iTunes.

Can anyone help?