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Thread: Incomplete Tracks on Ipod & burning CDs but not in itunes

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    Question Incomplete Tracks on Ipod & burning CDs but not in itunes
    Itunes seems to be cutting off the end of my audiotracks on the ipod and when burning tracks to a cd.

    I was attempting to burn cds of an audiobook I have. Each track is about 40 to 50 minutes long. When I listen to the end of the track on my hard drive through itunes each track ends with "we'll discuss this in the next chapter"

    I've only listened to this album on my ipod and it always cut off the end of each chapter. I assumed I didn't have the entire track. But apparently I do.

    When trying to burn the chapter to a cd, it too, cuts off at the end of the track, although the track length is the same on the hard drive as on the cd.

    I noticed that when I burned the first track it was 58 minutes long on the cd and only 47 minutes long on the hard drive. i haven't compared the two tracks to see if it burned the entire thing. But the tracks I did compare looked to be the same lengths but the cd version cut off before the chapter was over.

    Is this a bug in itunes 7.0? Or a setting I'm missing?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Try turning off the 2-second gap between tracks option. I'll bet this solves the issue. It is probably inaccurately detecting the end of a track.

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