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    Movie download size question....
    I downloaded "Flightplan" from the iTunes store and the size of the file says a little over 1GB. How can this be when the size of the TS_video files from ripping and backing up the actual DVD using Mac the Ripper & DVD2One usually comes out much larger? It would seem alot would be lost by this much condensing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmcock
    It would seem alot would be lost by this much condensing.

    That's why Apple says "near DVD-quality".
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    As surfwax says, it's only "near DVD quality" but considering that the apple store is doing 640 x 480 and DVDs are 768 x 480 (NTSC) that's only a very small part of the size difference.

    Of course, size ain't everything - DVD format is MPEG-2 which is not the most efficient codec for movies these days. If you take a DVD and encode it to the same resolution DivX AVI file (MPEG-4) it will typically reduce down to under 1GB. This actually results in an almost identical looking movie. What codec are the downloads? Is it H.264?

    Another thing that takes up a great deal of space is the DTS and DD5.1 soundtracks - you'd be looking at 400MB+ of audio data on a DVD for a single 5.1 sound mix. I don't know what iTunes does for audio (?) but even if it was AC3 encoded 5.1 surround sound it would be a little over half the size of the DVD original soundtrack.

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    I bet they're encoded H.264. Jem described it pretty well, all those things to take into account for will greatly reduce the size.

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