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    Angry iPod unmounts when updating to 2.1
    I plug my iPod in. It shows its mounted with the icon on my desktop. A message pops up and asks me if i want to update to 2.1. I click OK, the iPod icon on the desktop disapears, and the iPod Software Updater says a single iPod is attached, but not mounted on the desktop.
    I do this over and over but the icon seems to just dismount when the software update is launched....

    P.S.- on the iPod itself it says "do not disconnect" with the circle and slash. it just doesnt mount to the desktop..

    any suggestions? :confused:

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    le fisch

    I met exactly the same problem and I'm nearly desesperate as I realise that no one considered it worth replying your mail.I'm consequently mailing you in case you'd have solved the problem yourself since your last post...
    Many thanks in advance for your help,

    Le Fisch

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    Nope, unfortunatly the problem still remains and everytime it still unmounts...
    Since no one has replied except you, im guessing this hasnt been a problem for other people?

    If you come up with a solution post it cause i would really like to be able to update

    thanks good luck

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    This was also a problem for me. I ran the disk utility program on the iPOD after it showed up as an icon on the screen. No errors were found, but the volume showed up as an MS-DOS volume (which made sense because I initially formatted the iPOD on a PC, and made me think that this may have been the source of the problem). After that, the iMUSIC program allowed me to initialize the iPOD to factory settings (erasing all music files, but it did not allow me to do this in the past). After that, the iPOD updated automatically to 2.1 and re-synced to download all music files again. It works like a charm now, without the annoyance of having to "cancel" the software update whenever I connect the iPOD.

    Hope this helps.

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    I also used my IPOD with a PC before getting my Mac...I'll try what you saiid and see if it works for me..

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