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Thread: i pod shuffle - warranty???

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    i pod shuffle - warranty???

    i have a question! i bought a shuffle two years ago, and it didn't show up on my pc after like 11 month! so i brought it back to the store, they sent it in and i got a new one! now exactly the same happened again! i called the apple hotline (i am from germany and can't bring the shuffle to the store ...) and they were like "you don't have warranty anymore, it expired like 10 month ago" etc! i am not sure what to do now, do i get a new warranty after getting a replaced product or not? can i just go to an apple store and give them the shuffle?



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    you do not get a new warranty when they replace your ipod (since it is most likely a refurbished one they gave you). Without a warranty apple will not do anything, and anything they can do will cost far more then the cost of getting a new shuffle
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