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    Update on iPod Not Responding When Plugged In To Mac
    There was a recent set of posts on this forum re someone who had a new Nano that wasn't showing any signs of life when they plugged it it to their Mac. No iTunes, no display, no desktop icon, no anything. I replied that this might be normal, due to lack of battery charge. This post is an update on that to hopefully help others.

    I have just had this very experience again. I ran my Nano down to a flat battery over the last while. In the end, it wouldn't even turn on. I plugged it into my Mac and it behaved just as I had indicated in my posts. Nothing. Nada. Zero. No desktop icon, no iTunes, no nothing. It sat there passively for about 15 minutes before finally getting enough charge into the battery. It then suddenly sprang to life - the display turned on, iTunes started up and all was well.

    So, if you plug in your iPod and it appears to be dead, leave it plugged in for a while. It may just be fully discharged. Remember that interacting with your Mac takes power and the iPod may need to charge up for a while before it has enough power to do this.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for posting this!

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    Yeah, thats great to know

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    taken onboard, thanks!

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