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    Wondering how to convert DVDs to iPod Video?
    I've been playing around with the Instant HandBrake demo, which is a special variation of HandBrake meant specifically for converting DVD movies to iPod Video format. So far it's worked extremely well; it's a great all-in-one solution for converting DVDs to iPod Video format with very little effort. Just keep in mind that it's still in beta. It takes about 45 minutes on my MacBook and the outputted file is roughly 500 megabytes (so roughly 60 DVD movies if you have a 30gb iPod Video). Here are some links:

    Main site

    Beta page

    Download link (2.8mb, .dmg, UB)

    There's not much to it:

    1. Insert the DVD; close Apple DVD Player if it loads up
    2. Open Instant HandBrake
    3. "Select a DVD Source" - the movie should be pre-selected; just hit Continue
    4. Instant HandBrake will now automatically scan the titles; it only takes a minute or two
    5. Select DVD Features:

    a. Title: Usually the longest one is the movie; it should be pre-selected. If it's a DVD with TV episodes like Lost or something, you may have to play with it
    b. Save Converted Files to: wherever you want. Default is the Movies folder. I just leave it alone.
    c. File format: iPod 5G (H.264) is the default. Works great. Also available is MPEG-4 for the iPod and also PSP format.
    d. Picture format: Fullscreen. Original is also an option. I just leave it at fullscreen.
    e. Preferred audio: English is NOT always the default. Make sure it's set at your language preference.
    f. Preferred subtitles: Default is none; select whatever language you want if you like subtitles.
    6. Click Convert. It takes about 45 minutes on my 2ghz MacBook.
    7. When it's done, add the movie file to iTunes by manually dragging the movie file into iTunes, either in the Library, a custom playlist, or in the Videos section. The file should be around 500mb.

    That's it. Usually the defaults are fine. Basically it ends up being (1) open Instant HandBrake, (2) click Continue, and (3) click Convert. Then just wait for it to copy and convert.
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    I prefer HandBrake to Instant Handbrake simply because I can cue up multiple DVDs at once (I have 3 drives attached to my Quad) and let it go overnight or during the day while at work and have them all done before I return.

    A word of caution for Instant Handbrake, there is a known issue when ripping TV shows or short films. Supposedly there is an issue with IHB settings that doesn't rip them properly and they have to be converted by iTunes to upload to the iPod. Have not tried it myself, but there was a blurb in the HB forums not to long ago.

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    Eh, I prefer Handbrake. Once you know how to use it, and know what each separate component does, it's EXTREMELY easy to use, reliable, and can STILL work with iPods.
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    Yeah, I posted this because I see so many questions about converting DVDs to iPod Video format. HandBrake by itself can be a little overwhelming for a user who just wants to copy DVD movies to their iPod Video.

    What settings do you guys use in HandBrake for converting DVDs to iPod Video format?
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    I use the full Handbrake for two reasons

    A) I, for some strange reason, have always had terrible luck with beta programs (including boot camp - I cant get it to work no matter what I do)

    B) Have learned to manipulate the settings in the program, I can cue tv shows, and I normally get DVDs less than 500 megs (closer to 300-400) with good resolution

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