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    Nano stuck on lock?
    I recently picked up a used Nano from a buddy for cheap knowing that the lock was stuck on. The only way to get the lock icon to clear is to barely slide/apply pressure to the lock button. It will remove the lock icon, but only if in a certain sweet spot, any further and the lock button pops on. It also comes back on if you let go of the button. Has anyone heard of this before and or have any possible solutions?

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    I have not heard of this before, take it to the genius bar and see if they can fix it. Its a hardware problem it can not be solved by running anything on the nano that we could tell you. If it is not under apple care and this is a serious problem I would try taking it apart, and perminently setting it on non-lock (turning lock off and taking the external white switch off (hold button) so it can not be changed again from the outside (put something in the place of the hold button to cover the whole that can not interferre with the switch.
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    what about the third generation video nano? (4 gig if it matters)

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