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    Smile OH GOD! The sexy little iPOD MINI!
    So, I was looking on and they have this sexy new ipod mini. yes, it doesn't hold as many songs, but it is so cute and adorable...however...

    I was far as iPOD accessories. are the 1st and 2nd generation ipods compatible with 3rd generation remotes and can you find car chargers or the car adapters (the ones that make the ipod go thru the cars stereo system) for the 1st/2nd generation ipod?
    does anyone know what the differences between the generations are?

    thank you!!!

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    remote controls are not comptable between the three generations.

    car chargers are different for the generations as well since the earlier models had the firewire port and now they use the dock connector. I saw one car charger on apples website that had a connector for both.

    As for through the car stereo most of those components just go through your headphone jack so they are pretty much all compatible

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    the difference between generations

    1st Gen

    2nd Gen

    now with touchpad scrool whell and remote control

    3rd Gen

    complete overhaul. all buttons are touch sensored, uses dock connector and is the only one that can use iPod software 2.1 and up

    iPod Mini

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    Thumbs down Hmmm....
    I gotta say, I think the new mini iPod is kinda ugly. I think the whole many colour thing should have stopped whith the last gen iMacs..

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    It's like a pair of shoes. Not everyone will like it, but there are those that do. It will sell to those that want something different.

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    It costs too much!!!!!!!

    It costs about the same as regular 3G iPods and holds much less. We wanted iPods to be cheaper, not smaller. They were already small enough. <Sigh>, sometimes Apple just doesn't listen.

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