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    looking for one device for car/wall charging
    I thought I had seen something like this before somewhere but can't find anything like it.
    I am looking for a car charger for a 5g ipod; but that also has prongs on it to charge it in a wall outlet.
    2 in 1
    It would be very handy as I am about to travel around the world and am trying to save as much space and weight as possible.

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    You can get USB car and mains chargers, where you just plug your iPod USB cable into:
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    I don't know where you live, wrightm, but I was just in a Wal-Mart store yesterday and saw some gadget that has both types of chargers in it. However, I looked at the build quality and it probably wouldn't compare to something made by, say, Griffin or Belkin. However, it was only about $32 CDN and might do the trick for someone on a budget.

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