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Thread: no space, b/c my itunes songs-my C drive , Sony Vaio

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    no space, b/c my itunes songs-my C drive , Sony Vaio
    I am almost out of room in my C drive and I have a D drive w/plenty of room.

    I went to preference in itunes and it says you can put your itunes music folder anywere. So, i put it in my D drive, but I noticed that it is still also on my C drive.

    Can I deletle the music folder in C drive w/o losing my songs. I have 2 GB of songs in my computer.

    Or does someone have a good idea what to do in this kind of situation?


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    Try using the "Consolidate my Library" command. If you've moved your library location to your D: drive, it should copy over all the songs.

    Before you delete any from your C: drive, check to make sure that there are copies on D:. Otherwise, you'll end up deleting your songs...

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    You need to physically move the music files to the new location, then make the change in iTunes.

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    JimmyHat beat me to it. :p
    I haven't tried Consolidate,
    but either way, make sure your files are in the new location before deleting anything.

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    what does the command , consolidated my library do?

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    try getting an external hard drive. it works great.
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