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    I accidently deleted my top rated folder
    Hi help me please! im really annoyed with myself....

    Its probably(hopefully) something thats easy to rectify, but I was on my i tunes the other day and I accidently deleted the my top rated folder. Subsequently its not on my ipod anymore and its one of the things that i listen to the most.
    If I send anything over to the "my top rated folder" now it just disappears. Is there any way I can get it back?
    Not a completely thing I know, but really annoying!

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    The My top rated folder is actually a smart playlist.

    To create regular playlists, press the plus icon at the bottom of iTunes.
    To create a smart playlist, hold down the option key and hit the plus button - it should turn into a wheel. (Or select File-> Create new smart playlist)

    You can now set up criteria for your smart playlist to have: In this case, set 'Rating' is larger than '---' (zero) stars.

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    thankyou so much. i knew there would be a way of getting it back somehow!! much appreciated. cheers

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