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    itunes visualizer problem
    Hi all,

    A dumb question about the default itunes visualizer. I'm in itunes version 6.0.4 on OS X 10.3.9. A while ago, a friend who knows much more about itunes than I do came over and started fiddling with a bunch of keys while the visualizer was going. Now, even though the visualizer is set on random, whenever I first turn it on it always goes to the same graphic, colors, etc. For subsequent visuals it picks new ones randomly, but the first one is always the same (and it's one I don't like very much). Any advice on how to change this would be welcome. It's a little thing, but it annoys me.


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    hmm, I have seen no such settings, though if you turn on the visualizer in window mode as opposed to full screen, there is an options button, but it doesn't have an option as to where it starts.

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