Hope someone can help. I currently buy a lot of music from the iTunes store. I am now looking at setting up some kind of media server, which would allow me to store all my music on one machine in a cupboard somewhere, and listen to it on my hifi in the living room, using some sort of device, like the SlimBox or Roku Sound Server.

However I'm aware nothing seems to be able to play the Apple files as they are DRMed, even if I authorise the computer they'd be stored on. I know you can get the AirTunes thing, but that's poor because you can't see what you're playing!

Is it possible to find a device that will allow me to play this music in my home without a computer being right next to the hifi?


*edit* after investigating a little further, the Airport Express with AirTunes does actually seem quite attractive, as long as I'm happy to use a laptop etc to control the music.... still be interested in other options though