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    Question Can you reset an Ipod??
    Ive recently bought my mates Ipod off him ive got rid of all his music but its still coming up on my PC as Anthons Ipod I want to clear everything of so it is as new!!
    Is this at all possible without opening the unit? Ive looked through the software it comes with but i cant see anything to do this or am i just being blind??

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    whats an Ipod?

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    So you are on a PC? I'm not quite sure. WIth the mac there is a utility that you get that will format it for you and upgrade the software. Can't remember what it's called, lost the new version when I upgraded to panther and haven't bothered to install it off the cds yet.

    With a mac you can change the name just in the finder - have you tried just renaming the ipod by pressing F2 or whatever you do in windows?
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    i dont know which iPod you are using. if it is the newest 3G iPod this is how you reset it:
    1: connect iPod to a power outlet using the iPod power adapter
    2: Toggle and hold on and off (set it to hold, then turn it off again)
    3: Press and hold the play/pause and menu buttons for at least 5 seconds until the apple logo appears.

    That was qouted from the users guide. if this fails or your iPod is different then check out and go to support, they usually have downloadable instruction. hope this helps.

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    that just resets the iPod. i think what he wants to do is pretty much reformat it

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    yes but wont this reset the ipod to factory settings making it a blank canvas.
    he would need to reformat it if he was changing from pc to mac and it asks to do this automatically when you plug it into one from the other.

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