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    Question iPod or Zen......
    hey I just saw in a macmall ad a 60 GB Zen Jukebox Player for 419! thats three times iPod's 20 gb for almost the same price. And it looks like it would get dirtier and smudged up harder then the ipod does. It has a blue backlight and is very thin. I know it doesn't have as cool a backlight or cool menu effects like the ipod but it does have a battery charger to use while playing and it works with os x. I am debating whether to get this or a 40 gb ipod. Obviously it has a much bigger hard drive, and it says 15 hours of continous play on a full charge which I believe is more then ipod's. Is the iPod worth the extra money and littler hard drive? I know the ipod's dock is pretty cool and its iTunes integration is awesome but the zen seems to be the better choice seeing as it can connect through usb 2.0 and firewire....... my friend bought a processor upgrade that had a firewire port for his G3 iMac just to use his iPod ( he did before he got his ipod cause he believed that you couldnt plug the ipod in using usb) and he said the battery doesn't last long if not in dock charging and he uses the menu and changes songs alot. Can you use usb to plug the ipod in to an audio source to record songs? Does it even support usb?Any advice would be great.

    Thanks, Jon

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    I believe the iPod supports USB, but only on Windows computers. If you want to use one with a mac you're supposed to have a built-in firewire port.

    This is from the makers of the zen (does it make sense to anybody else?)
    Looking for USB and FirewireŽ (IEEE 1394) versatility in one package?
    Then it's time to try the Zen USB 1.1/1394 20GB on for size. Offering exactly the same storage space and extensive features and functionality as the Zen USB 2.0 60GB; the Zen USB 1.1/1394 gives you a choice on how you prefer to transfer your files. The Zen USB 1.1/1394 offers 12 hours of continuous playback time, and a 10x transfer rate via Firewire (IEEE 1394) along with USB 1.1 for basic connectivity. Only Creative Labs offers extreme versatility in a sleek, compact package, with your choice of two NOMAD Zen products. Don't go mobile without the NOMAD Jukebox Zen. (Zen USB 1.1/1394 only available in select regions).
    The only way to get music onto your iPod that's not already on your computer is by using the Belkin mic. I've heard it's not very good.
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    Personally, I'll probably go with an iPod when I buy. I'll be using it with my PC, which has firewire, so it'll work just fine that way. The iMac doesn't have firewire right now and probably won't unless I ever upgrade the processor and get the firewire port that comes with that.

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    Since when do processors come with firewire ports?

    Seriously, what makes the iPod special is not its fancy backlight but its...umm....
    Well you really have to find a friend who has one to understand why everyone loves them. Managing playlists and sorting by anything you want is just....better, somehow.
    (Hint: you can find many friends in an Apple store...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarManta
    Since when do processors come with firewire ports?
    I guess you've never seen this? :


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    Yeah i guess firewire with a processor sounds werid but like padawan shows, there is one and its the only thing my friend could do to get his ipod. He now has it , and he just got the processor today ( im installing it for him tomorrow after school) . And hes kind of pissed that they just updated the 10 to 15 for 299, only 5 gb less for 100 less is pretty good....... and the mini ipod just came out too they look OK. Everyones going crazy about the price but rio is coming out with a 4 gb one for 249 as well......... heres my thoughts - make the 4 gb one for $199, come out with a new 8 gb one for $249, and in april/may come out with a 15 gb for 300 like the ipods at now (seeing as i think by april/may we will have a 20 gb/ 30 gb/ and 40 gb models) Also, make new ones with pro looking colors seeing as the only color i like the grey metallic/graphite one, and the blues all right. I got keynote and photoshop 7 today ( im only 14 and im interested in making all sorts of things in photoshop (skins)..... and ive been messing around with developer tools lately and trying to learn some code) Todays just been a good day. I want a wireless mouse and keyboard but i dont have bluetooth i dont think i just had bluetooth option..... so how do i get bluetooth or how does it work without bluetooth is there a bluetooth adapter? Also now that i have my imac and old clamshell ibook.... im saving up for a dual g4 with 2 gb of ram and 20" display, seeing as i dont really have the need for a g5, its not like im doing memory eating stuff all the time. Do u think this would be good enough im just looking to use photoshop with some consistancy. Thanks for any advice.


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