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Thread: Recover Data?

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    Recover Data?
    My 12 year old daughter has a 5th generation Ipod Touch which will not start, dead as a doornail, less than a year old. Battery is charged, or at least was hooked to a charger overnight, no response. She took it overseas and when she came home this happened. Now all the photos and videos are lost as she had nothing to back it up to while she was traveling. Apple informed me that they cannot retrieve the data. As a 30 year IT professional I cannot believe this can be true, I can run over my Samsung phone and all is well! Does anyone know of a service which recovers data from dead apple devices? Sounds like it would be a good niche business! Thanks.

    Ken Lee

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    I just did a Google search looking for iPod data recovery tools and came up with quite a few hits and various applications and services. I'm not going to direct you to any because you'll need to decide yourself if any of them are worth the price. Some of the services are expensive and the data recovery apps are likewise expensive.

    Do a search on "iPod data recovery" and decide. Frankly, I don't know why Apple did not suggest doing the same thing. ??

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