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    Quote Originally Posted by CanuckBoater View Post
    I'm on this thread because I want to purchase an Ipod as a "back-up" to my Macbook Itunes. The issue is restoring the the playlists and folders - I have the itunes purchased and original CD's, but it's a pain to recreate the playlists.

    The theory was, in case my Macbook is damaged or lost, I have a working back-up that I can 'restore' to my next Macbook.

    This thread and the (in)ability to restore from an Ipod is making me re-think the Ipod purchase.

    Is the Ipod a practical 'back-up" solution?
    I agree with chscag. Get an external hard drive. And, if you can, get the iPod too, but not for security.

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    Thanks group. I have an external hard drive and use it. It's the playlists I want to preserve. I suppose one is for security and the other (iPod) is for convenience; not recreating the playlists and occasional mobility (I find the Air quite mobile).

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