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    Need to get files from PC formatted iPod
    My wife's Windows PC crashed and burned some time back. I was about to reformat her iPod shuffle (5th generation) to be read on my iMac but I realized that doing so would obliterate some videos of our son (taken when he was the tender age of 2). I am wondering if there is some software or freeware which will allow me to transfer files (specifically the videos she captured; I am not concerned with music or other files) from a PC formatted iPod to a Mac.

    I appreciate any advice and help.

    Edit: nevermind, it appears I already figured this out. Sorry, it was much easier then I thought it would be. Apparently Apple only makes a fuss over copyrighted material and could care less about whimsical home videos.
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    Actually, Apple doesn't give a toss about it. The restriction you would have run into if it had been copyright music and movies is a restriction required on the device by the record and movie industry associations. It's more than a little ham-fisted but I do understand their concerns to some extent.

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