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    Aug 05, 2012
    I am in Thailand with my ipad but every time I send an e mail or photos it stays in my outbox....... Any advice please

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    I'm assuming you're using an internet service and mail service in Thailand. Do they have a web site that you can check to see if your email is being sent?

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    Aug 05, 2012
    Yes I can recieve..I can also reply with a separate talktalk account but not send photographs e mal account for ipad just send them into the outbox

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    Oct 19, 2008
    How big are the photos? It's possible that your emails are too large. What is the attachment limit for your account?
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    Van's explanation is possible, but much more likely is that your home ISP is blocking sending from a remote location as a security measure to prevent spammers from taking over your account and using it to send spam.

    You need to contact your original home Internet provider, the one that maintains your email address, explain you are travelling and ask them for instructions on how to change your SMTP outgoing email configuration to allow sending.


    You can opt to just use your home provider's webmail portal to send, receive and manage email while you are away from home


    You can set up an IMAP account with iCloud, Google, Yahoo, etc large email provider and use that account, which doesn't care where you are located.

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