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    Organizing Library
    Please help. I have organized my iTunes library on my PC hard drive by artist, songs names under artist, no album names. Under some artists...album names will appear again & under the album, duplicates of the same song. Example: under artist Carl Doy, I have the song In the Moonlight. Also under Carl Doy the album name suddenly appears again for no reason & under the album name, 01 In the Moonlight, 01 In the Moonlight, 01 In the Moonlight. Several duplicates. Why is iTunes doing this & how do I stop this?

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    Maybe try copying all of the songs that you would like to keep and delete all of the files that are in your itunes library and itunes folder and only add the songs that you want.

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    How are you managing your iTunes library ?
    Are you performing any management tasks outside of the iTunes application ( like delete songs etc ..... )

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    Thanks but did that
    Thanks guys for the tips but the answer is yes, I am deleting. And deleting. And deleting. That's the problem. Constantly deleting the duplicates (either thru iTunes or manually on my hard drive). What I want to do is stop this from happening in the first place. It's become high maintenance.

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