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    how to connect ipod to a wifi that requires a key
    hello. my com is on a network that requires a key. how can i connect my ipod to that network since it doesn't have a usb port? (using flash drive to give the key.)

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    Not sure I understand the problem. Is it an iPod Touch? Go into settings, turn on WiFi, choose the network from the list when it comes up and punch in the key when prompted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulfire363 View Post
    hello. my com is on a network that requires a key. how can i connect my ipod to that network since it doesn't have a usb port? (using flash drive to give the key.)
    Ok lets try to translate here:
    "Hello, my computer is on a network that requires a network key (usb encrypted key). How can I connect my iPod to that network since it doesn't have a USB Port for the USB Encryption Key. "

    Best Answer Here: You Don't..

    How ever you could ask the Administrator to assign a IP address to your iPod's MAC Address and perhaps a nifty login. But then that would circumvent the encrypted network which is a security hazard. Any Admin with common sense will tell you NO, not happening and unless its a company device it should not be on the network which in many cases those caught trying to get around network security like this are normally terminated from the company. Hope your job isn't worth a few minutes of iTunes radio.. LOL

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    Since I don't know the full circumstances of your situation, I'm assuming that what you mean is that your network is hard-wired and has no (or doesn't allow) Wi-Fi, as with some hotels or offices. If this is the case, you could:

    a. bring in an Airport Express or similar device which has an Ethernet port and use it to set up a Wi-Fi network (with permission of the network owner/admin OBVIOUSLY), or

    b. use a mobile phone with a tethering data plan as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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