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    7th Gen ipod Nano battery issues
    My 10 year old has a 7th Gen ipod Nano that dies minutes after being disconnected from a charger. Is there a way to test the battery? I'm not sure she's turning it off properly when it's not in use (how DO you do that?), but I wouldn't think it would die so soon after being off a charger unless there is a problem with the battery. She got it for Christmas last year, so it should be under warranty. Anyone have success dealing with Apple's warranty dept? I've never contacted them directly about such issues. Had many Apple products over the years & never had a problem with any of them, but never really liked contacting them.

    Thanks for any help.

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    It does sound like the battery in the Nano has either failed or has run out of steam. And yes, as long as it's under warranty Apple will replace the battery. If the Nano is not under warranty, Apple will charge $69 to replace it.

    (There is no way to test the battery that I know of.)

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    The iPod 7th gen battery life is straight GARAGE and Apple should be ashamed. I teach Zumba and the 7th gen can't even make it through a 60 minute class. My iPod 2nd gen I can teach for days without charging. I returned the 7th gen and went with the iPod classic.

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