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    Exclamation Issues with Wireless speed. iPod Touch 5th Gen!
    Well, not so much connection, more with the speed of said connection. I have an iPod Touch 5th Gen.
    I bought a Wireless Mobile Hotspot. A Samsung SCH-LC11 with 4G LTE.
    I'm with U.S. Cellular at the moment, although I have come to the conclusion that it may be the iPod and not the Hotspot device.
    When I connect to the device via my iPod I can expect a connection speed anywhere from 500ms of ping with 0.2Mbps to 2.0Mbps down and a very wide ranged upload from the normal 5Mbps to about 2Mbps or lower.

    Now, some of you will think this is normal, considering how 4G may be in your area, but if I connect via any other device I get much more stable speeds. Somethings along the line of 140ms of ping with 7Mbps up and 7Mbps down. While it does vary, it never has such abysmal speeds as the Touch does. "

    And so far these terrible speeds have been very regular. I've changed many things like encryption and even going as far as updating to 6.1.3. (Was jailbroken) But there was no difference.

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    Try restoring the device. If that doesn't work see about getting it replaced and finally if that does not work then contact the hotspot service provider.

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