Just wanted to get it out there that the latest iPod Touch is awesome and Apple needs to keep the iPod going.

I have - 2011 iMac, 2012 mbp, 3rd gen Apple TV driving a 55 inch LED TV, iPad 2, and now 32 gb iPod touch 5th gen. I tell my friends and family that buying into Mac isn't buying a single product - its buying the integrated experience.

I love taking pictures and video with my iPod and having it immediately upload to my iMac (or airplay it to my 55 inch TV). While the best buy guy was putting on the screen protector I laughed as I went by the PC notebooks and tried typing with my palm rested on the trackpad. My macbook has no issue whatsoever with that.

Also I got a Skype number and now have a cell phone that is much, much cheaper than a real cell phone. I still have a cheap cell phone, but all my outgoing calls are when I am on a wifi anyway. The clarity is much better than my cell phone and with the money I save I can literally buy an iMac (cell plan + data for 2 years = easily 2 grand).

My brother told me he wanted a Windows laptop. You know what I said? I said, I agree, you need a laptop that runs windows because of your specific situation. But, you should still buy a mac laptop! Its the first laptop I want to use instead of have to use.

Also should note I'm a developer for a specific area in academics so I love Xcode and it being Unix based.

Only writing this because I want to voice my opinion on three areas:

1) Apple should stick with Intel. I heard they were testing ARM processors for Mac OS X. Quit it. Intel is the horsepower king and I want horsepower in my desktops.

2) As mentioned, don't discontinue the iPod as I've read some commentators calling for. I think cell phones are a fad - the future is an iPod like device with Skype. Wifi will eventually be everywhere you need it.

3) This is more of a, Apple needs to do this. 4th gen AppleTV needs to have a streaming video games service, and more sports (I saw you have ESPN now, awesome!). Lets work together to remove the cable and phone companies. Both are the two biggest wastes of my monthly budget. I know full well the internet can provide both. I will be happy to split the difference with Apple.
A streaming video games service would take more investment, but would have the potential to single handedly wipe that other operating system company and Sony off the market. Think about it, while they're busy designing new consoles all Apple would have to do is upgrade their servers to offer latest games. People would pay $20 a month for that.