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Thread: How long will the Ipod 4g last?

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    How long will the Ipod 4g last?
    Well I might buy a Ipod 4g tomorrow and I was wondering would it last until Christmas? What I mean will Ios 6 be able to use the latest apps until Christmas. I hope so because I was gonna buy a Ipod 4g to get by until Christmas then I'm gonna get a 5g

    Answer fast please!

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    It'll certainly last until Xmas unless you lose it or give it a bath......

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    Developers will make apps backwards compatible with iOS 6 for a long time. Most apps will still work with iOS 5 and it's been almost a year since that was discontinued. And if you make copies of your apps and don't update them, you could use the iPod as long as you want.

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    Rperez: define "a long time."

    My iPhone (the original) stopped being supported at 3.1.3 and by the time iOS 5 came out -- about two years later -- there was basically nothing new available for it.

    Presuming the original poster meant a fourth-generation iPod Touch (ie one generation behind the current model), then yes, iOS 6 is as high as he can go, and it should be good for another year or two, app-compatibility wise.

    After that he'll want to slowly stop updating apps and just leave it as-is app-wise. It will probably continue to work for several years after that if he's good to it (my original iPhone still works fine, though I don't use it much anymore).

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    I would save the money and just wait to get a 5th generation iPod touch.

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