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    nano 6g broken headphone jack repair :(

    i have a iPod nano 6g.
    2 weeks ago the headphone jack broke, so I got a replacement jack on amazon.
    After replacing the jack, the buttons work as well as everything else but the SOUND.
    It sounds fuzzy and if you listen carefully you hear a quiet melody in the background.

    What do you think could have gone wrong?

    I already replaced the isolation tape in the iPod.

    Could I have broken the new headphone jack while installing?

    im addicted to music so please help me

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    It sounds like a poorly shielded replacement jack or it's not grounded properly. Was the replacement jack an actual Apple part or a similar replacement? Also, you might wish to look at the take apart instructions for the Nano 6th Generation at iFixit: The free repair manual.

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    yeah, i think it probably is a 3rd party product, ill try to replace the insulation tape maybe that will help thanks though

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