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    My mac can't see my ipod nano 5
    I've got a mac mini core duo running Snow Leopard and an iPod Nano 5th gen. I play the iPod mainly through a Pure dock and my hifi amp - which all works fine, tested just now. I've got the latest updates for both the mac and the iPod. The ipod has 7.3 gig free disk space.

    This morning I connected the iPod to my mac to synch some new songs, but the mac can't see the ipod at all.

    I've checked the connections and the usb for dirt and any bits of stuff, turned both the mac and the iPod (til the apple symbol appears) on and off and switched usbs. But still nothing. Other external stuff works in the usbs OK.

    I can't do reinstall or restore cos the mac can't see the iPod.

    Neither of my pcs can see the iPod either, though I don't know if they would.

    I'm assuming it's a faulty cable?

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I would try a new cable first. If the new cable does not resolve the problem, the Nano may have failed. The 5th Generation Nano has been around for awhile (2009) so it may be time to buy a new one if it did fail.

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    Yes I agree. I've ordered one. Thanks.

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