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    iPod Nano busted headphone jack
    I have an iPod Nano 16GB I bought a year ago used. I was told the headphone jack was screwy, which is why I got it so cheap. It's a 4th generation Nano.

    I cleaned the jack out with rubbing alcohol and I thought it helped at first, but not so much.

    The headphones when plugged in are not flush with the body of the Nano. The jack sticks out a very tiny bit, but it won't fall out or anything. It doesn't look like anything is inside the jack.

    The problem with the jack is that sound will only come out of 1 ear. Also parts of the song cannot be heard. For example a heavy metal song you cannot hear the guitar solo or the vocals.

    However, if I push and twist the headphone plug into the jack I can get sound from both ears. A little bump though and its back to 1 ear and messed up music.

    Anyway I can fix this?

    It's a shame because this is really the only Apple Product I like. This Nano is the best they have ever made in my opinion. Thin, small, nice color screen, album art, no touch, no useless features, etc.

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    Anyway I can fix this?
    Probably not without replacing the Nano logic board. And that would just not be worthwhile. If you really like that particular Nano, you can probably buy another on eBay at a fairly reasonable price. The brand new ones with 16 GB are only selling for $149.00.

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    too bad. I don't plan on buying another one.

    I use mainly at the gym. I can get the headphone jack just right and it's fine, until the cord gets pulled in my shorts and I have to fix it again...

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    Well I have the same problem with my new iPod touch. So Apple must be releasing defective products.

    I tried 4 different sets of headphones in the iPod Touch and only one worked - headphones that came with my phone which are cheapo.

    I tried my Sennheiser high quality headphones and same problem. Only hear out of one ear, or you don't hear the vocals / certain parts of a song.

    You can twist the headphones all day but nothing. The headphone jack has to sit halfway out to hear vocals and then other parts of the song sound weaker.

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