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    I lost my 6th generation Ipod nano and when I went to buy another I realized that apple has come out with a bigger new nano. I would like the smaller one (6th generation) as I use it for running but can't seem to find it anywhere. Any recommendations on where I could buy one, preferably new? Ebay has a few but they are priced above what retail is for the new version on apple's website. Thanks for the help.

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    The last time I looked, there were still some silver ones left in our local Best Buy store. Call around to the Best Buy stores in your area or Wal-Marts and see if they still have some in stock.

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    If it helps, try looking in Apple's refurbished store. They often stock the previous generation of iPods and are like new but at a lower price. You need to keep watching it though as availability changes all the time.
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