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    iPod Touch & iPhone not recognized by iTunes
    Having an Apple nightmare here. I've seen this problem all over the internet but no one appears to have a solution for it so I'm reaching out...

    I recently upgraded my office Mac Pro (using the term upgrade loosely) which is now running Snow Leopard 10.6.6. The highest compatible iTunes I am able to run with this is iTunes 10.6.3 (not 10.7 which is the latest version of iTunes). Ever since moving to this computer neither my iPhone 4 nor my ancient iPod Touch are recognized by iTunes.

    Some important info:

    - My iPhone is currently running 6.0

    - I have tried uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling it. Upon reboot, iTunes DOES recognize my iPhone and works flawlessly UNTIL I restart the computer again, and then the connection is lost and iTunes no longer recognizes the iPhone.

    - Right now, iTunes Helper shows up in my Activity Monitor under All Processes, however when I click on Active Processes, it doesn't show up. I have to assume iTunes helper is not detecting my devices? (system profiler does detect the iPhone/iPod under USB)

    - iPhoto launches when I plug in my iPhone and works fine.. so this is just a glitch with iTunes. Consequently if I change my settings so that iTunes launches when the device is plugged in, iTunes will launch but my iPhone still will not show up in iTunes.

    I haven't yet tackled this issue with my macbook, but I suspect that will be another headache since the new iPhone software isn't compatible with my older iTunes...

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    Hi are you connecting via cable ??
    If its only over WIFI that iTunes cant see you devices, try turning your WiFi off then 20 sec's later turn it on and then you devices should show up in iTunes . . . .

    Oh and welcome to the forums
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    I'm connecting via cable with both devices.

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